Be Ambitious!

Ambition is the desire to do things. That intention on wanting to succeed.

“Earlier on I wrote about change/decision”. In order for you to apply positive change in your life, you will need to have that desire, intention, that hungriness of doing something that will make an impact in your life. That’s your ambition. The deepest desire of chasing towards your happiness.

Take for example the progress of technology, the ideas of new fashions, all the achievements and progresses you see today are based on someone else’s ambition.

The problem with most people today is limiting their ambition based on the competencies they having.
How can you be striving for success when you can’t get out of that comfort

Don’t limit your ambition due to your competence, because that which you think you’ve already mastered can be irrelevant in future.

The excitement of doing something meaningful, something you really want for yourself, not things being forced to do.
It has to be a desire, a challenge you want for yourself.
So being ambitious is having the purpose, desire and believe in oneself; than comes the action/effort you put in making things work.


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