How often we don’t find ourselves at this point, doing things in repeat or having the regrets = wish I started earlier or didn’t quit at first. Now starting over again what a pain and time wasting.
Procrastinating is a dangerous thing, there is never a better timing than immediate response to tasks. Think like this: you don’t know your next hour, minute or seconds. Anything can happen when you least expect and your timing becomes too late whereby you had the chance earlier.
As quoted:

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

IF not now when… Procrastination is that action of you ruining your own life for no reason.
This happens to everyone from time to time, so I’m not perfect as a writer but knowing the various causes of procrastination might help you to respond quickly.

1. Lack of motivation!
Our motivation can be very low and we end up finding it hard to get anything going. Let go of worries and try to discover your purpose in life, let it inspire you. It’s hard to defeat procrastination if you don’t have a purpose. We don’t procrastinate on things we love to do, which makes it difficult to think you’re going the wrong way.

2. Stress
You easily can start procrastinating when stressed and worried, don’t expect to be so productive at this point. Your only way out is reducing that amount of stress in your life. You have to balance your day, do things because you really want to and not because you have to. There is time for everything right… So as much work is being done same thing goes for play time as equally important. That way you can reduce stress.

3. Don’t overwhelm yourself.
One thing at a time, we are not superheroes, you don’t multitask yourself true reality.
The more items you give yourself the more overwhelming you become and start procrastinating. Give yourself as much as you can handle even when you trying to push your ability to do more, don’t over push. Reduce schedules of things.
In job places, I don’t personally tolerate a job that makes me overwork myself to that point of feeling overwhelmed.

Take control and make less space for procrastinating.

6 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. BUT I LOVE COFFEE…haha. Great visual, this is so true. Eliminating stress seems to eliminate a whole bunch of other problems too, and remembering that we’re not superheroes and can’t do everything all in one go? Best advice ever. Though I must say, I think that crisis picture looks so COLOURFUL and inviting 😛

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  2. I love that line, “it’s hard to defeat procrastination if you don’t have a purpose.” I lose sight of that purpose far too often. Great post, and great site! Thank you also for following my blog, I really appreciate it!

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  3. During the years I have lived there has been a lot of procrastination, but for me there was a cure–albeit a scary one. One day someone said, “Howard, you’re sixty years old. When are you going to stop talking and start doing.” That did it! Since that time, I have tried to do the one big thing I kept putting off and my Lord has given me 20 more years for redeeming myself. “Writing” was my passion, now it is my reality. Thanks for the great lesson. More than enjoyment, I found it a sober reminder.

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