Discovering How Beautiful Life Can Be!

This post is written by Paul Hoffman, something good to start a day with.

“What inspires me is knowing anything is possible and that I am always being blessed with opportunities for growth, awareness and transformation. It is when we have an attitude of gratitude that we see the most beautiful vision of what life can really look like.

You can make today and everyday the best day of your life by just beginning to think thoughts that are positive and empowering. Our natural state is one of excellence. We all have a calling in our hearts that is unique and special to who we are. The gift we bring to the planet has to be expressed so that the great puzzle of life is complete.

Break through any resistance to change by letting go of fear, doubt and worry, which only lead to limiting behavior. Thinking small and believing anything other than the brilliance of who you are is only some made up story that you have carried around with you. It is not the real you.

It’s time to let go and surrender to the full expression of your perfection and to really see the magnificence of who you are. Always remember to stay in the game and participate in the journey.

The path you are on is the perfect place for you to be and there is nothing that can block or hinder your light. It is each of our duty to show up and share all of who we are. When we begin to see life as a discovering of new ideas then new ideas will come forth.

Your happiness is not somewhere outside of you but right within you right where you are. Have a vision that is bigger than anything you ever thought you could do and ask the universe to help you, it will. Change the lens of how you see yourself and begin to see the opportunities all around you. Walk with compassion and a peaceful presence of unconditional love and give yourself permission to break free from the old beliefs that have been your reality.

Inspire yourself today by listening to the passion in your heart. You have a one-of-a-kind extraordinary blessing of genius – claim it as your own and your destiny will be filled with amazing and awesome fruits of success in every area of your life.

Be the change you want to see. Live your dream. Enjoy the ride as you chart your course to a new consciousness of expression. Called YOU.

Today wake up to more and more of who you are because who you are is an inspiration to all. Share your magnificence and let brilliance be the fuel of your dream”.

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